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From the Desk of Frame Worthy Events

Please note, Frame Worthy Events is no longer accepting clients and contracts. Our website will remain active as a source of vendor contact information as we wrap things up. 

After five years in the Indiana events industry, we are dissolving Frame Worthy Events. Speaking personally, thank you from the bottom of my heart to our clients who made this incredible journey possible. FWE was not in trouble and we are not shutting down due to business problems. I was presented the opportunity to make a jump to an area of the United States my family loves for a dream job in the events world that I still can't believe is real. I am very excited about the new opportunity and the next chapter. At the same time, the process of closing a business is bittersweet and I want to make sure our clients, vendor relationships, networks, and friends, all know how thankful we are to each of them. I learned more from this company than I can state, I was able to build a team of the next generation of wildly talented event professionals, and it was an honor to be a part of so many important milestones in our client's lives. 

We will be seeing out our remaining contracts. If you are a current client, please do not panic. Things will be business as usual for you. I am excited to return to the Indiana area, as needed, to fulfill our commitments. We recognize this might be concerning but we are excited to remain by your side for your event and will ensure our team is providing their best work. 

If you are looking for a planner, we recommend the following companies all similar to our structure and price range. You would be in phenomenal hands with any of them. 

Ashley Weddings and Events

Tara Nicole Weddings

Lori Anne Weddings and Events

Blush and Blossom Events

If you are looking to still proceed to the website, please click here.

With all my love,